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Who We Are

We are a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company that has proudly been supplying web-based catering procurement and e-commerce solutions to thousands of clients for over 20 years. Our diverse range of global clients span multiple sectors, including B & I, Healthcare, Education, Government, and Sports & Leisure.

With offices across both the USA and United Kingdom, you can be confident that we are the #1 choice for supporting your business.

What We Do

We are much more than your typical catering e-commerce provider;

We help you understand and control your catering spend. We help you understand buyer behavior through big data analysis. We drive efficiencies both for the employees ordering food and for the people preparing the food. We drive improvements to employee engagement and productivity through offering choice.

We can help you achieve what others cannot.

Our Passion

Our passion is innovation and using technology to creatively inspire client connections, improving relationships between clients, employees and caterers.

We genuinely strive to do everything we can to help make your lives easier and our exceptional support team are always here to assist with queries, maintaining your menus or to provide additional training so that you can become an expert in our solutions.

Our Services

From a simple sandwich pre-order, to a fully outsourced catering management platform with dedicated concierge services; we have a solution to fit all needs and budgets.

Our integrations team can ensure seamless operation of our solutions with existing corporate IT, financial or operational systems.

Onsite services including deployment support, class-based training and food photography are available.

Designed for your entire business

Most solutions are designed purely around the catering operation. We take a different approach, and consider how we can improve your entire business.

Designed for Clients

  • Our partner portal provides you with real time visibility on your catering spend and analysis on buyer behavior. For multi-location clients, our partner portal will give you a view across all locations with drill-down capability.
  • Our solutions support multiple catering vendors, allowing you to offer your employees a greater choice when it comes to ordering catering from your approved vendors.
  • Most companies will charge you big $ to integrate with your corporate Single Sign-On (SSO) service. Most of our service plans include this setup free of charge!
  • Our integrated approvals engine will ensure your employees have sufficient permission before committing corporate spend with a catering vendor.
  • Fully responsive buying experience... your employees can place their orders from anywhere, at any time and on any device.
  • Our white-labeled ADA-compliant storefronts are designed around your corporate branding requirements.

Designed for Caterers

  • Our big data catering module gives you an insight to buyer behavior allowing you to optimize your menu offering and maximize revenue.
  • Integrated upsell functionality typically promotes a 14% increase in your average transaction order value.
  • We are always on top of legislative requirements, like changing tax rules, and our solutions allow you to publicize allergen, nutritional and ingredient data to your customers.
  • You have the power to manage your own menu (although our concierge service team are here to take care of that for you if preferred!).
  • We support dozens of payment methods, including corporate cost centers, credit cards, cash on delivery, PayPal & EDI payments.
  • Our powerful FoodVenue back office management platform will drive improved accuracy and maximum efficiency within your catering operation. It provides you with fast access to orders, customers, extensive reporting, and customer invoicing.
Todd Ballinger

Todd Ballinger

President & CEO
Brenton Strickler

Brenton Strickler

Chief Technology Officer
John Burton

John Burton

GM / Managing Director
Frank Wheeler

Frank Wheeler

Vice President, Operations

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