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across multiple verticals, to numerous large corporations and universities around the world

Who We Are

We are a Sofware-as-a-Service (SaaS) company that has proudly been supplying cloud-based enterprise software solutions to thousands of clients for over 20 years. Our diverse range of global clients span multiple sectors, including Business & Industry, Healthcare, Education, Government, and Sports & Leisure.

With offices across the USA and United Kingdom, you can be confident that we are the #1 choice for supporting your business.

What We Do

We deliver Endeavour, a cutting edge enterprise software solution that runs in the cloud.

The Endeavour platform transforms and optimizes organizations, communities and people.

We help you achieve what others cannot.

Our Passion

Our passion is innovation and using technology to creatively inspire client connections to improve relationships between clients, employees and organizations.

We genuinely strive to do do everything we can to help make your lives easier and our exceptional support team are always here to assist with queries, maintaining your systems or to provide additional training so that you can become an expert in our solutions.

Our Services

We combine world class technology with expert consultation to deliver customized solutions.

Our security & integrations teams can ensure seemless operation of our solutions with existing corporate IT, financial or operational systems.

Onsite services including deployment support and class-based training are available.

Your people are the power source for your organization.

Your organization is the power source for you people.


  • A platform that is the best of both worlds, combining all the advantages of enterprise software with the benefits of Software-as-a-Service in a cloud solution.
  • The ENDEAVOR platform simplifies complex problems in Enterprise Resource Planning, Supply Chain Management and Human Resource Management.
  • At the core of ENDEAVOUR is an engine built for performance and scalability, able to handle the most demanding transaction and processing volumes.
  • ENDEAVOUR delivers sustainable process automation, smoother administration and powerful business intelligence through the application of Artificial Intelligence and data analytics.
  • Drive your teams' efficiency and effectiveness with cutting edge business intelligence


  • Our powerful platform is just the beginning.
  • ENDEAVOR Enterprise is efficient sustainability at your fingertips and our commitment goes beyond the software platform.
  • Integration and deployment specialists ensure a smooth transition and ease of adoption while maximizing utility for big-picture planning.
  • Practice management professionals create seamless ongoing enterprise administration and solution management.
  • Service solutions specialists create opportunities for reliable, professional, round-the-clock support for all of your operations.
  • We help you manage your platform and continuously enhance the intelligence you gain from it.
  • With ENDEAVOR Enterprise, you have the power to grow. With Area101, you have a partner dedicated to making it happen.

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