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Who We Are

We are a Sofware-as-a-Service (SaaS) company that has proudly been supplying cloud-based enterprise software solutions to thousands of clients for over 20 years. Our diverse range of global clients span multiple sectors, including Business & Industry, Healthcare, Education, Government, and Sports & Leisure.

With offices across the USA and United Kingdom, you can be confident that we are the #1 choice for supporting your business.

What We Do

We build and maintain cutting edge enterprise software solutions that run in the cloud.

We help you understand behavior through big data analysis and artificial intelligence. We drive efficiences both for the employees and the entire organization.

We can help you achieve what others cannot.

Our Passion

Our passion is innovation and using technology to creatively inspire client connections to improve relationships between clients, employees and organizations.

We genuinely strive to do do everything we can to help make your lives easier and our exceptional support team are always here to assist with queries, maintaining your systems or to provide additional training so that you can become an expert in our solutions.

Our Services

We combine world class technology with expert consultation to deliver customized solutions.

Our security & integrations teams can ensure seemless operation of our solutions with existing corporate IT, financial or operational systems.

Onsite services including deployment support and class-based training are available.

Your people are the power source for your organization.

Food is the power source for your people.

Amongst others, Area101 solutions are the power source behind two primary verticals that focus on performance coaching of your people and streamlining of catering services enjoyed by your people.


  • The future of your thriving organization is in your hands. It begins and ends with your people.
  • That's where we come in.
  • At Intentable, we specialize in helping your people with life challenges that impact their performance everyday. Our unique platform closes the gap between one-size-fits-all enterprise people solutions and your team's individual needs.
  • We make your workplace, personalized.
  • The powerful combination of real-time analytics and our coaching team to care for your people personally makes it possible for you to get an authentic understanding of them- their levels of fulfillment, effectiveness, and mindset in areas of life that matter to them.
  • With you really seeing your people collectively, you will be able to create new, relevant opportunities for the culture and well-being of your company. They will grow with you, you will grow with them and it's measured. A win for all.


  • 101Catering is the leading catering management platform brought to you by Area101.
  • The solution is made up of three core applications bundled with a fully customizable service offering to meet your client requirements.
  • At the heart of the solution is the ECM (Enterprise Cloud Management) Hub™ - our powerful, web-based procurement engine that has predominantly been designed to support the intricate demands and business rules that are typically observed within catering and service driven operations.
  • As an enterprise-class solution, it is capable of supporting an unlimited number of vendors/ locations, using single or multiple buy side templates, with the distinct advantage of having hundreds of access control features to manage multi-tiered buyer and administrative users.
  • The integrated reporting suite provides over 50 different reports/styles to satisfy all operational requirements.

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