Customer Experience

At the end of the day it's all about pleasing your clients and looking stellar!

Menu view only without requiring a customer to login to begin the buying experience.

Allows customers to search menu by name, ingredient, key terms, allergens, or nutritional identifications like vegetarian, vegan, gluten free to narrow down menu choices. Filtering the menu is a snap!

Allow streamlined ordering for customers with multiple times of service in a single day for a single location. In the back office you can print a unique Banquet Event Order for each time of service showing only what is needed to keep delivery staff organized.

Customers and back office staff can track orders based on where they are in the queue: In progress, tentative, pending approval, confirmed, completed, invoiced and declined. There's never a question.

Never let customers lose data again when they get interrupted. Advanced auto save technology keeps all your data saved so you don't have to continually save. Log out accidentally and jump right back in and resume the order you were working on without missing a beat.

Upon order submission customers receive receipts automatically via email. Clients can also print a receipt for all items ordered if they desire.

Manage contact information, change passwords, manage online wallets, favorite location, and more.

Collect only the data you need and want from your customers. Choose from date, times, count, service style, event type, building, room, floors, instructions, comments, marketing metrics and more. Go one step futher and have your fields validate for service and delivery boundaries and auto calculations.

Pick a theme to change up the look and feel of your site. Choose from our template library or have us design a custom template to meet your need and help identify your brand.

Full ability to configure all business rules in the back office console including hours of service, order time to delivery/change, closed days, fax order on submission, customized messages and more.

Items can be added to cart, but can restrict identified customers from being able to checkout until their orders are reviewed and approved by an identified approver.

Underscrore how important health and safety is by clearly highlighting item allergen information.

Allow customers to mark item favorites that present quickly for rapid ordering from their home portal.

Optionally allow customers to leave 1-5 reviews of items with comments for all or just some of your itmes. Back office acceptance of all reviews is required before being visible. Leverage this internally for supply chain quality feedback for externally to promote popular items.

View, repeat, add an item, delete an order and even empty your shopping cart in a flash. Empty cart flexibility gives customers a great way to build a quick estimate without ever submitting an order. Drop and drag items to the cart or resequence, quick adds with quantitiy boxes, while tabbing through the menu, or adjust quanitites using +- buttons from within the cart.

Customers and back office managers can manage custom requests easily at the item level or event level. Simple tweeks or fully customized menu requests have never been easier to request or present.

Notify customers of order status and changes via auto emails or on-demand emails to keep them up to the minute. Notify back of the house managers of order status changes as desired via email or turn them off all together and leverage queue management.

Print menu summaries, order summaries or order details, on demand, by choosing from date range and sorting criteria you choose.

Helps customers login when they have forgotten their password by sending them their password hint electronically on demand.

Direct the user down the correct workflow based on their interactions.

Free form items to create a fully customized order for your customer, regardless of their event type. Perfect for bids, weddings and themed event stations. We know flexibility is key and have built it in every possible way.

Need certain customers to have access to special menus or have the ability to place last minute orders but, other customers have stricter limitations? Not a problem!

Give your customers the ability to add several items into their order with a single key click.

Optionally provide item nutritional information in a familiar FDA label format.

Customers may mark orders as favorites keeping them handy for repeating in their home portal.

Customers always keep what is being worked on close at hand in their home portal.

Customers can simply and quickly repeat orders, but don't worry, Repeated orders will pull current pricing for repeated items and remove items that are no longer available in your menu or are out of season. Customers receive a notifcation if their item is removed and prompt them to make a custom request.

Allow customers to make changes to orders once submitted according to your defined rule set.

Have a meeting every Monday? Just like outlook calendar invitations, recurring orders can be established on a set schedule.

View/track order history and sort/search by date, status, event name and more. Leverage historical information for year over year budgeting and provide event financial recaps in a snap!

Move existing orders from one customer to another with ease when they leave the organization or go on leave.

Have tax exempt customers? No problem, just check a box in their customer account and they are all set at check out.

No login required or need to remember passwords here! Customers fill in the their details upon order check out only.

Require site login to place orders and customers get a plethora of features associated with managing their order history.

Area101's patent pending SMS order polling is the simpliest way to engage with your clients.

Allergen, Nutrition, Ingredients, Reviews, Price Comparison (dare to compare), suggestive selling and more.

Back Office Experience

Maximum operational efficiency, enable your team to work smarter not harder.

Customize your view preferences with color and content to keep front and center what is important to you! Production, operation, finance and senior admin teams like to look at different data and we make it easy though a personalized and easily configurable interface.

Dynamic controls allow you to maximize screen real estate in addition to customizing your view.

Upload documents to your site for sharing and collaboration.

It's easy to build an order fast and even easier to resequence items in your order to ensure they appear in a logical fashion for your customer.

Have an unlimited number of units in a single database and control access seemlessly based on the user.

Unlimited orders, users, bandwidth. Cloud based data collection means you have unlimited storage!

Never loose track of who made what change or when. You can easily audit all actions on an order with the click of a button.

Present custom text to your customers at every step of the ordering process throughout your site. Even when error messages pop up.

System administrators can easily control what back office managers see when they log in through defining roles for chefs, managers, accountants, and administrators across single units or multi-units.

Menu Management

Unparalleled catalog management supporting the most complex offerings – the power is in your hands

Easily manage your catalog, items, categories, options and selections in a single interface. Adding, changing and deleteing items is a snap.

Provide your own for each item, choose from our custom library, use a graphic or logo, or we can design something custom just for you. Sky is the limit and awesome is the result!

Manage everything from the date/times items are available (think LTO's and weekday only items) to min/max quanitity, order time to delivery interval, service fee exempt, item upsells, items that require director approval, and more all at the item level.

Honor coupon codes, % discounts, set discounts over x amount, coupon active dates, and more with our coupon feature.

Keep your menus in harmony with standards and consistency. Roll out single items, categories or entire menus across your estate.

Create item notes (not visible to customers) for your operations and production staff to help maintain consistency in food and service items ordered.

Present options and selections for your customers to select from in your menu offerings. Options and Selections can be presented with radio buttons, a quantity box, check box or drop down presentation for maximum flexibility.

Package items together to create bundled for your operations.

Inspire your customers to order more often from you with incentives and promotions.

Items with intelligence, use smart rules to govern how items automatically get added or remove from orders.

Allow customers to compare products and pricing with competitors.

Show customers important allergen information and ingredient lists for healthy eating.

Present a FDA nutrition facts label to your customers for all or select items.


Our team of product specialists are here to help you with whatever you need, whenever you need it!

Our team provides 24x7x365 critical support and has extended support hours Monday-Friday to support your customers, support you, and ensure the health of your system..

Our support team and trainers are on standby to provide rapid response assistance during the first few weeks after launch, while your customers and staff are familiarising themselves with their new hospitality solution.


Leverage our tools to better understand your customers and to increase customer spend

Present competitor pricing or average pricing to show your advantage to customers. Use this tool internally to keep marketing study information quick at hand.

Easily control the presentation of Specials and Limited Time Offers front and center when customers login.

Package indirect suggestive selling items together; 'you may also like' or 'frequently purchased items together' can be presented to customers.

Create and manage email surveys seemlessly. Use basic email surveys or advanced customer comment tabulation and reporting modules. Choose the best fit for you!

Direct upselling can be linked when an item is added to the customers cart. 'Would you like to add' questions can help increase cart purchases and average check.

Group your VIP's, specific departments or power users in lists and target market those lists through an integrated email feed or export your lists to your email marketing client.


Our powerful reporting suite enables to you manage your customers, operations and finances effectively.

One of the most powerful pieces of this software engine and unmatched in the marketplace. Sort and splice data in a variety of ways to tell you everything you need to know about your operation. Over 50 available reports on customers, orders, financials, sales, marketing, operations, production and feeds. We'll even customize reports just for your operation!

By make line, product, ingredient or package. Easily identify movement, or find discontinued items in future orders.

Schedule a variety of reports to run on a set schedule and be auto sent to the defined departments: aging to controller, production to your culinary team, BEO's to the operators and even sales projections and actuals to the GM and directors. No need to micro-manage when you leverage scheduled reports all the data is consistently there when you need it, without having to ask!

Identify customer ordering habits, order trends, spending trends and item trends.

Only want to run report on specific orders instead of the whole day/week? No problem!

Never lose track of a report you ran again. All reports will will be saved in your home portal and are easily accessible even if you forgot to save them!

Billing and Payment

At the core of your business is accurate billing and financial control

Choose from over 30 existing payment types including credit cards, PO, COD, Checks, PayPal, Donations, EDI, and Chargelines just to name a few. Different payment types can be accessible to your customer and your back office staff to provide maximum financial tracking. Need a custom payment type we don't offer and need it to tie into your system? No problem, just ask!

Get paid for every item, every order, every time. Invoices can be automatically or manually generated, easily edited and electronically sent to customers with just a few simple clicks.

View and print invoices or summaries by date, customer, location, transaction type, credit card status and more on demand or on a schedule.

Process cards, credits and route transactions seemlessly with integrated FIS technology.

We are able to supply transactional data at the appropriate B2B or B2C level to support your credit card processing needs.

Update tax rate changes on the fly, manage multiple tax rates and apply delivery fees based on item, date, order total, zip code and more. Flat fees, per person rates or % compatible and they will automatically display at check out.

Don't let aging AR keep you from collecting. Use auto reminders to prompt customers to ensure prompt payment.

Code invoices in a variety of ways and leverage data fields to meet your specific needs.

Need to build an auto feed into your proprietary financial system? We can easily link with organizational intranets.

During checkout customers can delegate payment to a third party.

Auto calculate service fees based on the type of service your customer selects and it will automatically be added to the bill.

Easily manage your open/closed invoices through a single report at a glance. Schedule reports to keep key admin up to date.

Easily assign multiple orders to a single invoice.

Full support of B2B corporate cards and ghost cards.


Manage multiple clients within a single enterprise-class application

Support any number of units that share the same or different menus and leverage the reporting across all othem seamlessly, each with their own URL access if desired and each with their own area servicing rules.

Need your regional and district managers to view multiple accounts but local managers see only their data? Manage all views based on permissions.

Integration and Security

We maintain the highest level of information security to protect your business

Link with organizational intranets, procurement systems, financial systems, HR and more. All fully customizeable!

Lock down your solution further using Private Key!

Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox tested and supported.

Area101 is proud to be SILVER Microsoft Partner and to provide you with the peace of mind that your solution is powered by the leading Microsoft Operating Systems and Databases.

ASN, OCI, SAP, XML, EDI, SAML, Web Service, Ariba, Microsoft Federation Services and more.

Top level security for us and our clients. McAfee is always on watch to protect our sites.